Donkey Kong 64 Wiki

The cheat codes on this page are compatible with Donkey Kong 64 (U) on Project64. They may help you test glitch theories.

Quick Setup[]

You don't need to copy and paste the codes into Project64. Here is how to set up all codes at once:

Find the file "Project64.cht" and open it with Notepad. If you use Project64 2.x, it is located in the "Config" folder in the application directory. On 1.6 and 1.7, it is stored directly in the application directory, although 1.6 may have another Project64.cht in a different directory like "%userprofile%\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Project64 1.6". Now search the file for "donkey kong 64" and the first result should be in the DK64 (US) paragraph. (The second one is for the PAL version.) Replace that paragraph with the content of this text file. Open up Project64, start the ROM and you'll find all of the cheat codes in the text file in the emulator's cheats menu.

Codes that have an option in brackets, such as "Character (=> $05 Krusha)" or "Warp (=> $00 Test Map)", can be double-clicked. You can then select an option to change the effect of the code.

It is recommended to use a 101% file. Download one here and put it into Project64's "Save" folder.


Activate this code and select a map that you will be warped to when the screen fades

US 817444E6 00??
EU 8173EC36 00??


00 Test Map
01 Funky's Store
02 DK Arcade
03 Hideout Helm: Lanky's Maze
04 Jungle Japes: Hill
05 Cranky's Lab
06 Jungle Japes: Minecart Ride
07 Jungle Japes
08 Jungle Japes: Army Dillo
09 Jetpac
0A Kremling Kosh! (very easy)
0B Stealthy Snoop! (normal / no logo)
0C Jungle Japes: Shell
0D Jungle Japes: Lanky's Cave
0E Angry Aztec: Beetle Race
0F Snide's H.Q.
10 Angry Aztec: Tiny's Temple
11 Hideout Helm
12 Teetering Turtle Trouble! (very easy)
13 Angry Aztec: Five Door Temple (DK)
14 Angry Aztec: Llama Temple
15 Angry Aztec: Five Door Temple (Diddy)
16 Angry Aztec: Five Door Temple (Tiny)
17 Angry Aztec: Five Door Temple (Lanky)
18 Angry Aztec: Five Door Temple (Chunky)
19 Candy's Music Shop
1A Frantic Factory
1B Frantic Factory: Car Race
1C Hideout Helm: Behind the Scenes
1D Frantic Factory: Control Center
1E Gloomy Galleon
1F Gloomy Galleon: K. Rool's Ship
20 Batty Barrel Bandit! (easy)
21 Jungle Japes: Chunky's Cave
22 DK Isles
23 Hideout Helm: DK's Target Game
24 Frantic Factory: Conveyor
25 Jungle Japes: Barrel Blast
26 Angry Aztec
27 Gloomy Galleon: Seal Race
28 Nintendo Logo
29 Angry Aztec: Barrel Blast
2A Troff 'n' Scoff
2B Gloomy Galleon: Big Shipwreck (Diddy / Lanky / Chunky)
2C Gloomy Galleon: Treasure Chest
2D Gloomy Galleon: Mermaid Cave
2E Gloomy Galleon: Big Shipwreck (DK / Tiny)
2F Gloomy Galleon: Smaller Shipwreck
30 Fungi Forest
31 Gloomy Galleon: Lighthouse
32 Hideout Helm: Tiny's Mushroom Game
33 Gloomy Galleon: Mechanical Fish
34 Fungi Forest: Tree Stump
35 Beaver Brawl!
36 Gloomy Galleon: Barrel Blast
37 Fungi Forest: Minecart Ride
38 Fungi Forest: Diddy's Shed
39 Fungi Forest: Diddy's Attic
3A Fungi Forest: Lanky's Attic
3B Fungi Forest: DK's Shed
3C Fungi Forest: Spider
3D Fungi Forest: Front Part of Mill
3E Fungi Forest: Rear Part of Mill
3F Fungi Forest: Lanky's Mushroom Puzzle
40 Fungi Forest: Giant Mushroom
41 Stealthy Snoop! (normal)
42 Mad Maze Maul! (hard)
43 Stash Snatch! (normal)
44 Mad Maze Maul! (easy)
45 Mad Maze Maul! (normal)
46 Fungi Forest: Lanky's Mushroom Leap
47 Fungi Forest: Chunky's Shooting Game
48 Crystal Caves
49 Kritter Karnage!
4A Stash Snatch! (easy)
4B Stash Snatch! (hard)
4C Rap
4D Minecart Mayhem! (easy)
4E Busy Barrel Barrage! (easy)
4F Busy Barrel Barrage! (normal)
50 Main Menu
51 Title Screen (Not For Resale Version)
52 Crystal Caves: Beetle Race
53 Fungi Forest: Dogadon
54 Crystal Caves: Igloo (Tiny)
55 Crystal Caves: Igloo (Lanky)
56 Crystal Caves: Igloo (DK)
57 Creepy Castle
58 Creepy Castle: Ballroom
59 Crystal Caves: Rotating Hut
5A Crystal Caves: Shack (Chunky)
5B Crystal Caves: Shack (DK)
5C Crystal Caves: Shack (Diddy / below)
5D Crystal Caves: Shack (Tiny)
5E Crystal Caves: Lanky's Hut
5F Crystal Caves: Igloo (Chunky)
60 Splish-Splash Salvage! (normal)
61 K. Lumsy's Prison
62 Crystal Caves: Ice Castle
63 Speedy Swing Sortie! (easy)
64 Crystal Caves: Igloo (Diddy)
65 Krazy Kong Klamour! (easy)
66 Big Bug Bash! (very easy)
67 Searchlight Seek! (very easy)
68 Beaver Bother! (easy)
69 Creepy Castle: Tower
6A Creepy Castle: Minecart Ride
6B Battle Arena
6C Creepy Castle: Basement (Lanky / Tiny)
6D Kong Battle Arena 1
6E Frantic Factory: Barrel Blast
6F Gloomy Galleon: Puftoss
70 Creepy Castle: Basement (DK / Diddy / Chunky)
71 Creepy Castle: Museum
72 Creepy Castle: Library
73 Kremling Kosh! (easy)
74 Kremling Kosh! (normal)
75 Kremling Kosh! (hard)
76 Teetering Turtle Trouble! (easy)
77 Teetering Turtle Trouble! (normal)
78 Teetering Turtle Trouble! (hard)
79 Batty Barrel Bandit! (easy)
7A Batty Barrel Bandit! (normal)
7B Batty Barrel Bandit! (hard)
7C Mad Maze Maul! (insane)
7D Stash Snatch! (insane)
7E Stealthy Snoop! (very easy)
7F Stealthy Snoop! (easy)
80 Stealthy Snoop! (hard)
81 Minecart Mayhem! (normal)
82 Minecart Mayhem! (hard)
83 Busy Barrel Barrage! (hard)
84 Splish-Splash Salvage! (hard)
85 Splish-Splash Salvage! (easy)
86 Speedy Swing Sortie! (normal)
87 Speedy Swing Sortie! (hard)
88 Beaver Bother! (normal)
89 Beaver Bother! (hard)
8A Searchlight Seek! (easy)
8B Searchlight Seek! (normal)
8C Searchlight Seek! (hard)
8D Krazy Kong Klamour! (normal)
8E Krazy Kong Klamour! (hard)
8F Krazy Kong Klamour! (insane)
90 Peril Path Panic! (very easy)
91 Peril Path Panic! (easy)
92 Peril Path Panic! (normal)
93 Peril Path Panic! (hard)
94 Big Bug Bash! (easy)
95 Big Bug Bash! (normal)
96 Big Bug Bash! (hard)
97 Creepy Castle: Tunnel
98 Hideout Helm: Behind the Scenes (no Music)
99 Intro Story
9A Frantic Factory: Mad Jack
9B Arena Ambush!
9C More Kritter Karnage!
9D Forest Fracas!
9E Bish Bash Brawl!
9F Kamikaze Kremlings!
A0 Plinth Panic!
A1 Pinnacle Palaver!
A2 Shockwave Showdown!
A3 Creepy Castle: Dungeon
A4 Creepy Castle: Tree
A5 Hideout Helm: Diddy's Kremling Game
A6 Creepy Castle: Hut
A7 Creepy Castle: Trash Can
A8 Creepy Castle: Maze
A9 Jungle Japes Lobby
AA Hideout Helm Lobby
AB Tree House
AC Rock from Intro Story
AD Angry Aztec Lobby
AE Gloomy Galleon Lobby
AF Frantic Factory Lobby
B0 Inside DK Island
B1 Water Barrel
B2 Fungi Forest Lobby
B3 Gloomy Galleon: Submarine
B4 Orange Barrel
B5 Barrel Barrel
B6 Vine Barrel
B7 Creepy Castle: Crypt
B8 Enguarde Arena
B9 Creepy Castle: Car Race
BA Crystal Caves: Barrel Blast
BB Creepy Castle: Barrel Blast
BC Fungi Forest: Barrel Blast
BD Banana Fairy
BE Kong Battle Arena 2
BF Rambi Arena
C0 Kong Battle Arena 3
C1 Creepy Castle Lobby
C2 Crystal Caves Lobby
C3 Snide's Room on K. Rool Island
C4 Crystal Caves: Army Dillo
C5 Angry Aztec: Dogadon
C6 Inside DK Island (Behind the Scenes)
C7 Creepy Castle: King Kutout
C8 Crystal Caves: Shack (Diddy / above)
C9 Hideout Helm: Diddy's Rocketbarrel Game
CA Hideout Helm: Lanky's Shooting Game
CB K. Rool Fight: DK Phase
CC K. Rool Fight: Diddy Phase
CD K. Rool Fight: Lanky Phase
CE K. Rool Fight: Tiny Phase
CF K. Rool Fight: Chunky Phase
D0 Bloopers Ending
D1 Hideout Helm: Chunky's Hidden Kremling Game
D2 Hideout Helm: Tiny's Pony Tail Twirl Game
D3 Hideout Helm: Chunky's Shooting Game
D4 Hideout Helm: DK's Rambi Game
D5 K. Lumsy Ending
D6 K. Rool's Shoe
D7 K. Rool's Arena


This code allows you to ascend quickly into the air as long as only the L button is held. It has to be activated before you start the game.

The moon jump is so fast that you can go straight through ceilings if they are low enough. You can even increase the speed by moon jumping out of DK's kick, or by pausing and unpausing the game.

81007494 3C08
81007496 807F
81007498 3508
8100749A FF00
8100749C 0100
8100749E 0008
810074A0 0000
810074A2 0000
817FFF00 3C08
817FFF02 807F
817FFF04 3508
817FFF06 BB4C
817FFF08 8D08
817FFF0A 0000
817FFF0C 2508
817FFF0E 0080
817FFF10 8D09
817FFF12 0000
817FFF14 3C0A
817FFF16 8001
817FFF18 354A
817FFF1A 4DC4
817FFF1C 854A
817FFF1E 0000
817FFF20 240B
817FFF22 0020
817FFF24 154B
817FFF26 0006
817FFF28 0000
817FFF2A 0000
817FFF2C C508
817FFF2E 0000
817FFF30 3C0A
817FFF32 4080
817FFF34 448A
817FFF36 5000
817FFF38 460A
817FFF3A 4200
817FFF3C E508
817FFF3E 0000
817FFF40 93B9
817FFF42 0006
817FFF44 3328
817FFF46 00C0
817FFF48 0008
817FFF4A 4903
817FFF4C 312A
817FFF4E 00FF
817FFF50 3C0B
817FFF52 8000
817FFF54 356B
817FFF56 74A0
817FFF58 0160
817FFF5A 0008
817FFF5C 0000
817FFF5E 0000

Pass through Objects[]

You can walk through various doors and barriers once this is activated. A drawback of this code is that the portal in the Troff 'n' Scoff room cannot be used, and the only way to deactivate the code is by resetting the game.

8066D226 0001
8066D321 0001

Simian Slam[]

Every Kong can have a different level of Simian Slam.

Code (DK, Diddy, Lanky, Tiny, Chunky)

817FC950 00??
817FC9AE 00??
817FCA0C 00??
817FCA6A 00??
817FCAC8 00??


00 N/A
01 Simian Slam
02 Super Simian Slam
03 Super Duper Simian Slam

Cranky Potions[]

You can set the number of Cranky upgrades for every Kong.

Code (DK, Diddy, Lanky, Tiny, Chunky)

817FC951 00??
817FC9AF 00??
817FCA0D 00??
817FCA6B 00??
817FCAC9 00??

Options (DK, Diddy, Lanky, Tiny, Chunky)

00 N/A
01 Baboon Blast
02 Strong Kong
03 Gorilla Grab

00 N/A
01 Chimpy Charge
02 Rocketbarrel Boost
03 Simian Spring

00 N/A
01 Orangstand
02 Baboon Balloon
03 Orangstand Sprint

00 N/A
01 Mini Monkey
02 Pony Tail Twirl
03 Monkeyport

00 N/A
01 Hunky Chunky
02 Primate Punch
03 Gorilla Gone

Golden Bananas[]

With these code, you can collect Golden Bananas without any effort. Set all addresses to 5 for 200 GB's or set them to 7 for 280 GB's.

Codes (sorted by Kong, then by level starting with Japes)

817FC992 00??
817FC994 00??
817FC996 00??
817FC998 00??
817FC99A 00??
817FC99C 00??
817FC99E 00??
817FC9A0 00??

817FC9F0 00??
817FC9F2 00??
817FC9F4 00??
817FC9F6 00??
817FC9F8 00??
817FC9FA 00??
817FC9FC 00??
817FC9FE 00??

817FCA4E 00??
817FCA50 00??
817FCA52 00??
817FCA54 00??
817FCA56 00??
817FCA58 00??
817FCA5A 00??
817FCA5C 00??

817FCAAC 00??
817FCAAE 00??
817FCAB0 00??
817FCAB2 00??
817FCAB4 00??
817FCAB6 00??
817FCAB8 00??
817FCABA 00??

817FCB0A 00??
817FCB0C 00??
817FCB0E 00??
817FCB10 00??
817FCB12 00??
817FCB14 00??
817FCB16 00??
817FCB18 00??



Colored Bananas[]

Set the amount of bananas that have not been fed to Scoff yet for each Kong in every level. Choose "74" if you need to recollect Banana Medals in a duped file.

Codes (sorted by Kong, then by level)

817FC95A 00??
817FC95C 00??
817FC95E 00??
817FC960 00??
817FC962 00??
817FC964 00??
817FC966 00??

817FC9B8 00??
817FC9BA 00??
817FC9BC 00??
817FC9BE 00??
817FC9C0 00??
817FC9C2 00??
817FC9C4 00??

817FCA16 00??
817FCA18 00??
817FCA1A 00??
817FCA1C 00??
817FCA1E 00??
817FCA20 00??
817FCA22 00??

817FCA74 00??
817FCA76 00??
817FCA78 00??
817FCA7A 00??
817FCA7C 00??
817FCA7E 00??
817FCA80 00??

817FCAD2 00??
817FCAD4 00??
817FCAD6 00??
817FCAD8 00??
817FCADA 00??
817FCADC 00??
817FCADE 00??


00 0
4A 74
4B 75
64 100
7F 127

Troff 'n' Scoff Bananas[]

Set the amount of bananas given to Troff 'n' Scoff for each Kong in every level. Choose "74" if you need to recollect banana medals in a duped file.

Codes (sorted by Kong, then by level)

817FC976 00??
817FC978 00??
817FC97A 00??
817FC97C 00??
817FC97E 00??
817FC980 00??
817FC982 00??

817FC9D4 00??
817FC9D6 00??
817FC9D8 00??
817FC9DA 00??
817FC9DC 00??
817FC9DE 00??
817FC9E0 00??

817FCA32 00??
817FCA34 00??
817FCA36 00??
817FCA38 00??
817FCA3A 00??
817FCA3C 00??
817FCA3E 00??

817FCA90 00??
817FCA92 00??
817FCA94 00??
817FCA96 00??
817FCA98 00??
817FCA9A 00??
817FCA9C 00??

817FCAEE 00??
817FCAF0 00??
817FCAF2 00??
817FCAF4 00??
817FCAF6 00??
817FCAF8 00??
817FCAFA 00??


00 0
30 48
4A 74
4B 75
64 100
7F 127


There is an address that determines the game mode. Changing it has various effects that can either occur instantly or after a screen fade. Results range from loading zones and screen fades being disabled to softlocks on menu screens and controls not being fully functional. Some effects can only be seen if you change the value during screen fades because as mentioned before, they tend to be disabled. Go to this page for more information on game modes.

The easiest way to tell what the code does is to change the value to 03. The game will instantly turn into a DK TV demo that lasts until you change it to another value. To disable loading zones, go into Adventure mode normally and change the value to 05 (other numbers may work as well).

It is advised to create a save state before using this code.


80755314 00??


00 Nintendo Logo
01 Opening Cutscene
02 DK Rap
03 DK TV
04 ?
05 Main Menu
06 Adventure / Kong Battle
07 Loading Game Over Cutscene
08 ?
09 Game Over
0A End Sequence (Adventure)
0B DK Theatre
0C DK Bonus / Bosses
0D Snide's Bonus Games
0E End Sequence (DK Theatre)

Mode Opcodes[]


81712E0E ???? - Game Over scene (Default: 09)