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The key in Hideout Helm has a major problem: In some cases, it doesn't count when you pick it up; and in order to try again, you have to exit and re-enter the map. Normally, you can check if you actually obtained the key by pressing Z on the pause menu. However, the current Any% route doesn't get any Golden Bananas, so the Z button is not enabled on the pause menu. (Plus, it would waste time in speedruns.)


Avoiding Fake Key

Fake key doesn't happen randomly; and it does not depend on how and where you enter the key room. In fact, fake key is still possible when the door is open. Fortunately, it can be easily avoided with one of these strategies:

  • Keep the window or the door (or both) on screen as you walk towards the key. If either of them is partially or completely on screen the moment you touch the key, it will count.
  • Jump into the room from directly behind the key, then run straight into it. Don't change the camera angle or the key might not count. Alternatively, stand between the window and the key, face the back wall, press R, and grab the key.
Fake key

You can use the key as a visual cue. It must be on one of the green lines from your perspective when you collect it (see image to the right). The image also shows that the first method has a lot more leeway on the camera angle.