These are the items that count toward the percentage on a file.

Number Single Percentage Total Percentage
Golden Banana 201 0.4% 80.4%
Battle Crown 10 0.5% 5%
Banana Fairy 20 0.2% 4%
Banana Medal 40 0.2% 8%
Boss Key 8 0.25% 2%
Nintendo Coin 1 0.5% 0.5%
Rareware Coin 1 0.5% 0.5%

With this spreadsheet you can keep track of your percentage.

Adventure ScreenEdit


132% aka max%

The values in the table above are based on the percent counter on the file selection screen. However, once a file gets close to 101%, an extra percent will be added to the total. It is not known where it comes from, but percentages higher than 100% are a common thing in Rare games like Donkey Kong Country. As far as DK64 goes, the extra percent is not added at the very end of the item collection. An old SDA run by Joe Wiewel shows that the last Golden Banana is not needed to get 101%. At the beginning of the video, his file has 99%. Then he collects 2 GB's and ends up with 101%, although 2 GB's are worth less than 1%. Therefore it is assumed that some unknown trigger adds at least 1% in a 101% run.

The displayed number is an 8 bit signed integer, which means it covers all whole numbers from -128 to 127. If you get more than 127% by duplicating Golden Bananas, it will wrap down to -128 and continue counting up.

Secret Ending CutscenesEdit

Aside from End Sequence, there are two cutscenes at the end of the game. Whether or not you get to see them depends on the state of completion of your file, but is not related to the visible percent counter in any way. On top of that, both cutscenes have different triggers, meaning that the second one requires a slightly higher completion that the first. The exact way the cutscenes is to get 201 Bananas, 20 fairy photos, 10 Crowns and all of the medals, This was noted in Issue 141 of Nintendo Power