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The Intro Story Glitch is a small break in the game design that lets you do a variety of strange tricks on the menu and in Adventure mode once activated. Two fairies are required for the initial trick, but you need at least six fairies for the DK Bonus tricks.

Note that some Intro Story tricks may manipulate file data. If you don't want to lose any progress while experimenting, don't do any of the following:

  • Starting a multiplayer battle while you're in DK Bonus / Bosses mode (after getting kicked out of DK Bonus / Bosses)
  • Starting and finishing any of Snide's bonus games while you're in Main Menu mode (infinite health and disabled Start button)
  • Letting the Blast-o-Matic timer run out on the main menu or in Kong Battle (video)


Start up the Intro Story cutscene and press A as soon as the screen fades in. You will want to see it turn blue for just a split-second. If done correctly, you will get back to the menu with no music.


The moment you enter Intro Story, an invisible timer starts counting. Whenever that timer reaches the trigger for the next scene, it may cause a screen fade. This is referred to as an ISG fadeout.

  • Fadeout 0: 0:00.0 - Scene 1 - DK Island (map 99)
  • Fadeout 1: 0:55.0 (N64) or 0:54.7 (Wii U VC) - Scene 2 - K. Rool's Ship (map AC)
  • Fadeout 2: 1:25.7 (N64) or 1:25.4 (Wii U VC) - Scene 3 - K. Rool and the Kremlings (map 98)
  • Fadeout 3: 2:36.5 (N64) or 2:36.0 (Wii U VC) - Scene 4 - The Crash (map AC)
  • Fadeout 4: 3:00.6 (N64) or 3:00.1 (Wii U VC) - Scene 5 - The Island and the Ship (map 99)
  • Fadeout 5: 3:25.1 (N64) or 3:24.4 (Wii U VC) - Scene 6 - K. Rool's Plan (map 98)
  • Fadeout 6: 4:26.0 (N64) or 4:25.1 (Wii U VC) - Scene 7 - Squawks' Message - ends at 4:57.5 (map AB)

0:00 refers to the moment you press A to start Intro Story.

An ISG fadeout can only happen if a cutscene is playing. If you get past a scene trigger without having a cutscene playing, the ISG fadeout will be delayed until the next time you watch a cutscene.

Once you get an ISG fadeout, usually the scene the timer is currently on will show up (though something different may happen in certain modes). It will always be played from the beginning since the game cannot skip straight to the middle of a scene. Because of that, the game may seem to skip part of the scene to load the next scene.

For instance, if you get ISG, enter Adventure Mode, and play your instrument or enter a tag barrel (both of these actions use a cutscene) when the timer is at 1:10, the screen will fade out and you will be watching scene 2 from the beginning. However, since there are only 16 seconds left until the timer reaches the next scene (1:26), the game will interrupt the scene after 16 seconds to load scene 3.

Explanation of screen fades: There is the DK fade, and the normal fade, which loads Intro Story scenes and certain areas like K. Lumsy's prison in order to keep the current music track playing. The latter can only be triggered if a cutscene is present.

Fadeout Cancel[]

If an ordinary fadeout (e.g. a DK fadeout from a loading zone) interrupts the Intro Story fadeout, the game will load the map that was accessed by the ordinary fadeout and play the cutscene that was accessed by the Intro Story fadeout. This works with all kinds of loading zones; however, it doesn't work with transitions to a story cutscene, the opening cutscene, or the DK rap.

  • Open_Aztec_Lobby_without_Key_1

    Open Aztec Lobby without Key 1

    Fadeout 1: cutscene 0
  • Fadeout 2: cutscene 0
  • Fadeout 3: cutscene 1
  • Fadeout 4: cutscene 7
  • Fadeout 5: cutscene 8
  • Fadeout 6: cutscene 0

For instance, if you load the DK Isles overworld during ISG fadeout 5 (which is caused by a death cutscene), cutscene 8 will play on the overworld map instead of map 98 where the sixth scene normally takes place. Cutscene 8 on DK Isles is the door of Aztec lobby opening.

Go here for a detailed analysis of fadeout cancel results.


There are three ways to drop the background Intro Story:

  • Press A in DK Theatre mode without triggering a music glitch.
  • Enter a loading zone that uses the normal screen fade and doesn't change the music. If the loading zone triggers a cutscene (e.g. the K. Lumsy cutscene), ISG will only be deactivated when that cutscene ends.
  • Let Intro Story cause fadeout 6.

DK Rap & Opening Cutscene[]


Endless Intro Story Loop


Tree House Warp (Opening Cutscene DK Rap)

The results depend on the ISG fadeout number:

  • Fadeout 1 (0:55): scene 2, scene 3, scene 2, loop
  • Fadeout 2 (1:26): scene 3, scene 2, loop
  • Fadeout 3 (2:36): scene 2, loop
  • Fadeout 4 (3:01): loop
  • Fadeout 5 (3:25): scene 3, scene 7
  • Fadeout 6 (4:26): scene 7

A loop means Intro Story will completely start over (the standard Intro Story music will also play from the beginning) and go back to scene 2 once scene 3 is over. The game will use the 3:01 trigger and cut off 5 seconds from scene 2 (scene 2 usually lasts 30 seconds whereas scene 4 is 25 seconds long). After that, Intro Story will start over again without restarting the music. This will result in an infinite loop of cutscenes, forcing you to reset.

However, if you make it to scene 7, the kong you last played as will be standing in the tree house (note that DK TV switches kongs). The controls are disabled except you can use the Start button after the cutscene ends. This will take you to the DK Rap or DK TV, depending on which mode you are in. If you're in DK Rap mode, pressing Start will also make the text "PRESS START" appear briefly.



DK TV Story


DK TV - Failed Minecart Ride


DK TV Game Freeze


DK TV in Training Grounds

DK's cannon cutscene is the only opportunity for an ISG screen fade in this mode. The results depend on your game version and the scene it is trying to load.

NTSC versions (NA, JP):

  • Fadeout 1 (0:55): minecart introduction cutscene, (scene 3 with Lanky)
  • Fadeout 2 (1:26): minecart introduction cutscene, (scene 4 with Lanky)
  • Fadeout 3 (2:36): minecart ending cutscene, (scene 5 with Lanky)
  • Fadeout 4 (3:01): game freeze with Jungle Japes music
  • Fadeout 5 (3:25): game freeze with Jungle Japes music
  • Fadeout 6 (4:26): minecart introduction cutscene

PAL versions (EUR, AUS):

  • Fadeout 1 (0:55): scene 2 with Diddy, (scene 3 with Lanky)
  • Fadeout 2 (1:26): scene 3 with Diddy, (scene 4 with Lanky)
  • Fadeout 3 (2:36): scene 4 with Diddy, (scene 5 with Lanky)
  • Fadeout 4 (3:01): scene 5 with Diddy, (scene 6 with Lanky)
  • Fadeout 5 (3:25): scene 6 with Diddy, (scene 7 with Lanky, oob warp to training area, Tiny in training area, oob warp, Chunky in training area)
  • Fadeout 6 (4:26): scene 7 with Diddy, oob warp to training area, Lanky in training area

In NTSC, the ISG fadeout is interrupted by a DK fade just before it ends. (At this point the screen is already black, making the DK fade too short to play its sound effect.) Because of that, Diddy's demo will take place on the minecart track as usual. However, the interrupted ISG fadeout causes a cutscene to play. That cutscene allows you to get another ISG fadeout and have Lanky move around during scene 3 or 4 (he can't move in scene 5 because map 99 disables the controls). You can hear him jumping around if you listen closely.

In PAL, the cannon cutscene is just a little bit longer so it can cause a full ISG fadeout. Diddy will then be featured out of bounds in the Intro Story scene. If a demo takes place in scene 7 (tree house), your kong will walk too far out of bounds and warp to the training area. This warp will make DK TV advance to the next demo, where the next kong will be walking under the ground. If Tiny ends up in the training area, she will backflip too far out of bounds and allow Chunky to make his appearance.

Main Menu[]


Main Menu Mode

Some of the background events on the screen with DK holding a barrel are treated as cutscenes. If you get an ISG screen fade through these, you will be able to control DK as if you were in Adventure mode, but there are some differences:

  • The auto-save feature is disabled.
  • The Start button is disabled.
  • There is no way to lose health.
  • All colored bananas and coins will reappear every time you enter a level or go too far out of bounds. This doesn't apply to balloons, though.
  • There is no text during intro cutscenes for levels, character huts, battle arenas, ...
  • There is no Blast-o-Matic timer once you enter Hideout Helm. It is not just invisible; it is completely disabled.

The file that this lets you play in is the file you last loaded (viewing a file on the menu screen also loads it) or deleted; and potential file manipulations from DK TV, DK Bonus, Kong Battle or even a file deletion will be present. However, the game will not overwrite the file unless you play a bonus game in Snide's H.Q.



Tree House Warp (Adventure)

Any ISG screen fade will make you watch Intro Story and eventually put you inside the tree house with the kong you were playing as.

Game Over[]

  • Game_Over_Interrupt

    Game Over Interrupt


    Game Over Story

    Scene 1: 0:00 - 0:22 - K. Rool's Laugh (map 1C)
  • Scene 2: 0:22 - 0:46 - Blast-O-Matic (map 22)

The game won't advance to the second scene if ISG is activated. Instead, you will see your kong (the one you last played as) standing in front of the Hideout Helm exit. The controls are disabled except for A and Start, which bring you to the opening cutscene (you will also jump if you press A). If you don't exit Game Over manually, the game will play the opening cutscene as usual once the 46 seconds have passed.

If you get an ISG screen fade during the first scene, Intro Story will play and the Game Over cutscene will continue running in the background. Once the second Game Over scene ends, Intro Story will be interruped and you will see the opening cutscene. This does not deactivate ISG.

About 31 seconds into the Game Over sequence, the text "GAME OVER" will appear on screen, no matter if you get an ISG screen fade or not.

DK Theatre[]


DK Theatre Interrupt

An ISG screen fade will simply replace the cutscene you're watching with Intro Story. However, if you make it through the first scene of K. Rool Press Button or Game Over without triggering an ISG screen fade, the cutscene will end and you will see DK standing in front of the Hideout Helm exit. After about two seconds, the game will exit DK Theatre and deactivate the glitch. During that time you can control DK. The Start button and the joystick are disabled, though.

K. Rool Press Button:

  • Scene 1: 0:00 - 0:13 - K. Rool's Escape (map 1C)
  • Scene 2: 0:13 - 0:32 - K. Rool's Ship (map 99)

Game Over:

  • Scene 1: 0:00 - 0:22 - K. Rool's Laugh (map 1C)
  • Scene 2: 0:22 - 0:46 - Blast-O-Matic (map 22)

Snide's Bonus Games & Test Map[]


Test Map Escape


Stuck in Snide's H.Q.

You can get an ISG screen fade through one of the cutscenes in Snide's bonus games (introduction, "well done", and "bad luck"), or by playing your instrument in the test map. This will put you back into Snide's HQ and Snide will talk to you as if you just entered. The Start button will be disabled and entering a bonus game or the test map will only reload Snide's HQ. However, if you try to exit by pressing B, it will also go back to Adventure mode, re-enable the Start button, and allow you to exit afterwards.

If you shoot the balloon before you exit the test map and then press B on Snide's menu screen, the balloon will be saved in your file.

Be careful: If you try to leave the test map by walking out, it will be impossible to exit Snide's H.Q. afterwards.


End Sequence Interrupt


Intro Credits

End Sequence (DK Theatre)[]

  • Scene 1: 0:00 - 0:25 - Outside DK Island (map 99)
  • Scene 2: 0:25 - 4:46 - Inside DK Island (map 6C)

An ISG screen fade can only occur in the first scene. The credits will be displayed on screen while Intro Story is playing. Also, you will be able to perform basic actions such as punching and using instruments and weapons, depending on whether you unlocked them in the current file. (This doesn't work in Intro Story scene 5 because controls are disabled in map 99.) You can't use the start button and the control stick, though. Also, you will have no ammo, instrument power or film unless you have cheats activated.

The game cannot advance to the second scene with Intro Story Glitch activated. Instead it will keep trying to enter the DK island loading zone and show a strange camera angle from inside the island. You can only end this by pressing A.

DK Bonus / Bosses[]


DK Bonus + Bosses Mode

If you get an ISG fadeout in this mode, you will be sent back to the menu.

The mode used in bonus games and boss fights has "mode triggers" (selecting exit on the pause screen, finishing a game, or beating a boss) that tell the game to switch to main menu mode. However, an Intro Story fadeout is not mode trigger, so it will trick the game into thinking you are still in the game/fight, even though it sends you to the main menu map (50).

There is a difference between map and mode: Any screen fade in the DK Bonus / Bosses (exception: falling down in the Mad Jack fight) mode will send you to the map that holds the main menu. But even if you are on this map, you can still be in a different mode. DK Bonus / Bosses mode is the reason why anything you enter (Adventure, DK Theatre, DK Bonus, Bosses, and Kong Battle) will kick you out immediately.

Since an ISG fadeout tries to access a cutscene number, the corresponding cutscene will play on the menu after you get kicked out.

  • Fadeout 1: cutscene 0 (nothing happening)
  • Fadeout 2: cutscene 0 (nothing happening)
  • Fadeout 3: cutscene 1 (Rambi chasing beavers)
  • Fadeout 4: cutscene 7 (unused cutscene: a kremling walking in mid-air)
  • Fadeout 5: cutscene 8 (unused cutscene: colorful sparkles)
  • Fadeout 6: cutscene 0 (nothing happening)

DK Bonus Kickout[]

No matter which bonus game or boss fight you try to enter, the game will throw you back to mystery menu and stay in DK Bonus mode.

Adventure Kickout[]

If you try to start a file, the zipper will open up on DK's barrel cutscene as if you were coming from DK TV. It will also put you back into Main Menu mode and allow you to enter Adventure and other modes afterwards. The file won't be changed at all; even if it is empty.

Kong Battle Kickout[]


Kong Battle Glitch

Kong Battle is a part of Adventure mode, and you normally exit it through the pause menu or by ending a fight (which sets the mode to Main Menu to prevents the game from auto-saving). However, since DK Bonus / Bosses mode always brings you back to the menu on any screen fade, it will instantly skip to the results screen and change to Adventure mode.

Because screen fades always trigger an auto-save in Adventure mode, the file selected in the memory is overwritten when the screen is black. Monkey Smash has Simian Slam and Funky's weapons while Battle Arena only has Simian Slam. Entering Kong Battle does not change the flags in the memory, but it resets all integers to 0 (except for the play time and some of the moves). Therefore, you lose all Golden Bananas, colored bananas and coins on the file that is overwritten. You will also lose all of Cranky's moves (except Simian Slam), Funky's Ammo Belts, and Candy's instruments and upgrades.

DK Theatre Kickout[]


Disable Level Intros


Kritter Glitch


DK Theatre Game Freeze

Since every DK Theatre cutscene accesses a certain cutscene number, the corresponding cutscene will play on the main menu. The game will stay in DK Theatre mode, which disables the control stick. If you press A or wait until the cutscene ends, a DK fadeout will trigger the DK barrel cutscene and revert everything to normal.

  • Rap: cutscene 0 (nothing happening for ~36 seconds)
  • Intro Story: cutscene 0 (nothing happening for ~36 seconds)
  • Jungle Intro: cutscene 15 (<< 1 second)
  • Aztec Intro: cutscene 16 (<< 1 second)
  • Factory Intro: cutscene 17 (<< 1 second)
  • Galleon Intro: cutscene 18 (<< 1 second)
  • Forest Intro: cutscene 19 (<< 1 second)
  • Caves Intro: cutscene 20 (<< 1 second)
  • Castle Intro: cutscene 21 (<< 1 second)
  • Enter Hideout: cutscene 22 (black screen freeze since 22 doesn't exist on the main menu)
  • K. Rool Press Button: cutscene 24 (black screen freeze since 24 doesn't exist on the main menu)
  • K. Rool Takeoff: cutscene 9 (kremlings teasing DK for ~11 seconds)
  • Game Over: cutscene 23 (black screen freeze since 23 doesn't exist on the main menu)

End Sequence Kickout[]


Main Menu Credits

Similarly to the other DK Theatre kickouts, End Sequence triggers cutscene 11 (<< 1 second) an disables the control stick. However, it doesn't cause a fadeout when cutscene 11 ends; and it makes the credits roll on the menu.