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This glitch allows you to clip through many walls.

  • Walk to the very edge of a vertical wall, just before falling off.
  • Walk towards the ledge and press C-up the moment you start to fall off.
  • If your timing is correct, you'll land inside the wall.

If you turn around after falling, you should be able to see through the wall. However, if you can still see portions of the wall on the left or right side of the screen, you won't be able to walk through it.

The difficulty depends on the geometry of the wall you're trying to clip through. It does not work on every wall.

In most cases it is possible to perform this glitch without the use of C-Up, however it's usually a lot more difficult.

Useful Applications[]

Enter boss fights[]

You can use this trick to enter a boss fight from it's Troff & Scoff room without collecting Colored Bananas. The best spot to clip is the lowest step on the left side of the room, bracing yourself against the wall to slow your movement.

With DK, it's also possible to enter the boss fight using a Moon Kick. Many runners prefer this method however it is slightly slower than the Ledge Clip method.

Baboon Blast skip[]

Ledge clip the stairs leading to the Llama Temple in Angry Aztec. Then walk to the loading zone and backflip in. It helps to clip near the door, since you won't have to jump up high that way.

This method has been obsoleted by two easier methods

Frantic Factory Early[]


Orangeless DK Factory Early

An extremely difficult and unusual application of this glitch allows the player to enter Frantic Factory without using Orange Grenades or Lanky Kong.

Seal Race Skip[]


Seal Race Skip with DK

A Ledge Clip can be used to skip the Seal Race in Gloomy Galleon, this clip is done in the boat without the use of C-Up.