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Low% is a category that beats the game with two boss keys and no other items that count toward percentage.

The file select screen says 0% even if you get an extra key or a Golden Banana. However, looking at the percentage formula reveals that each key gives you 0.25%, so this category gets 0.5%. A third key would result in 0.75%, whereas adding in a GB would result in 0.9%. Accordingly, crowns, fairies, banana medals, and the Nintendo or Rareware Coin are not allowed in Low%.

It is also not allowed to reset the Golden Banana counter with Funky Weapons Glitch. Getting any optional items that count toward the percentage would undermine the purpose of Low%, even if they are dumped in the same run.

The fastest Any% route already meets the Low% conditions. The route below is just an easier (outdated) way to complete Low%.


  • No more than 0.5%
  • No file manipulation to lower game percentage
  • No cheats

Main Menu

Do Funky Weapons Glitch

DK Isles

Go to Cranky, do training barrels
Leave training area with STW
Swim to fairy island, glitch inside
Get camera, leave, get 2 Crystal Coconuts
Get rainbow coin on path to Aztec
Activate W2, enter Aztec lobby, enter Aztec

Angry Aztec

Go through tunnel, activate W1, get rainbow coin
Do guitar skip, (activate W3 by Cranky if you do option 1 near the end of the run) go through tunnel, activate W2
Enter llama temple with a moonkick or a ledge clip
Get full health, use Swim Through Walls on gate, free Lanky, reset
(alternate way: do a ledge clip to get to Lanky's room)

Main Menu

Go to options menu, turn off cutscenes

DK Isles

Activate W4 and W1, swim to K. Lumsy
Ceilingkick to Factory walkway, enter Factory lobby
Tag Lanky, enter Factory

Frantic Factory

Skip Chunky cutscene, collect oranges, kill krobots [collect ammo if you're not going to Funky later on]
Orange boost through wall, turn 180 degrees, walk straight ahead to storage room
Free Chunky, enter Troff & Scoff portal
Tag Chunky, fight boss
[Hit switch to open gate to testing floor], go to Cranky's and Candy's room
Get Simian Slam, buy Hunky Chunky and Primate Punch
Tag Lanky, buy Trombone Tremor
Tag DK, exit and reenter level, collect oranges
[Go to Funky, buy Ammo Belt 1]
Exit and reenter level, collect oranges, repeat and leave with 30 oranges

DK Isles

Leave lobby, use W4, tag Chunky, use W2
Pick up the rock closer to Caves, jump down ledges
Rock clip through bottom step (Face away from the wall, put down the rock and pick it up again. Repeat until you clip. If you can't put down the rock, jump and try again.)
Swim to K. Rool island, create lag for a minute
Tag DK, use W2
Moonkick off first rock to get to Aztec roof (Jump backwards onto the rock and mash B.)
Climb DK's head with moonkicks (use peanut switch to get to the very top), moonkick to K. Rool's hand, enter Helm lobby
Kickjump to kasplat, damage boost into lava, kickjump to B. Locker
Activate W1, orange clip through B. Locker (door will open after you clip)
(alternate ways: ledge clip with damage invincibility, walk around lava and jump into Helm loading zone; orange clip through a wall at the start, approach the loading zone from out of bounds)

Hideout Helm

Tag Chunky, climb slope on the right side (press B every time you land and instantly press A again; keep holding slightly toward the wall)
Shoot switch, go to next room, do Terminal Clip 1
Go to crown door room, do Terminal Clip 2
Get key, reset

DK Isles

Swim to K. Lumsy, turn in keys
Use W1, use W3, enter ship

Option 1:
Complete DK phase, exit with Diddy
Use W3, tag DK, use W2
Enter Aztec lobby, enter Aztec

Angry Aztec

Use W1, use W2, use W3
Tag Diddy, buy Chimpy Charge and Rocketbarrel Boost
Use W3, use W2, enter Tiny's temple
Ledge clip, free Tiny
Use Swim Through Shores, exit temple through loading zone
Use W2, use W3
Tag Tiny, buy Mini Monkey, reset

DK Isles

Use W3, enter ship, fight K. Rool

Option 2:
Complete first three phases, exit with Tiny
Use W3, head to Chunky in training area
Buy Mini Monkey
Leave training area, use W3
Enter ship, fight K. Rool