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Max% is a challenge category that beats the game with a percentage of 132% (displayed as -124% on the file select screen). This is done by exploiting Banana Duping to get 280 Golden Bananas. All other items that count toward the percentage are collected as well.

There is no route for this category. If you want to complete this challenge somewhat quickly, you will need to think through the following:

  • How many GB dupes should be done?
  • Which Golden Bananas should be collected in each cycle?

Useful Information for Routing[]

  • A reset (GB dupe) costs about 2:45, and you'll need to beat the training barrels and free kongs again.
  • After a reset you keep Golden Bananas, colored bananas, moves (except for training barrels), weapons, instruments and coins, but not kongs, cutscenes watched, keys, crowns, fairies and other items.
  • A reset will respawn all Golden Bananas, regular bananas and coins. Cranky will give you a Simian Slam "downgrade" if you visit him after completing the training barrels. He'll give you (Super) Duper Simian Slam again once you get to the later levels.
  • You will want to get a lot of colored bananas (not more than 74 per kong/level) and abilities before the last reset.
  • in Fungi Forest, DK, Lanky and Chunky should dupe 7 Golden Bananas each. Also in Galleon, every kong can get the seal race GB 7 times.