Donkey Kong 64 Wiki

Using memory hacking tools, complex glitch ideas can be tested fairly quickly and with reasonable effort.

Setup (Project 64 + Artmoney)[]


ArtMoney settings

Download the following files:

Extract and move the native save to %localappdata%\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Project64 1.6\Save. After installing ArtMoney, adjust the settings as shown in the image. Start Project64 1.6 and open the DK64 rom. Also open up the address table in ArtMoney. If it asks you to convert the table to 64-bit mode, click No. The "select process" menu should automatically pick Project64 from the list. If it doesn't, select the process manually. Now all the numbers in the table should correspond to a value in Project64.

Additionally, you may want to add the Moonjump code to the Project64 cheats.

Setup (BizHawk + ScriptHawk)[]

Download the following files:

Extract BizHawk to any location. Extract ScriptHawk to the Lua subdirectory in your BizHawk folder then load up EmuHawk and the DK64 (U) ROM. To load the memory address table, click Tools->Ram Watch and load the .wch file included with ScriptHawk. To load Lua scripts click Tools->Lua Console then Script->Open Script and pick the .lua file you wish to load.

Included in the script pack is:

  • Moonjump
  • Mad Jack Minimap
  • Lagometer
  • ISG Timer
  • Refill Consumables
  • Get/Lose Keys
  • Grab, Focus, Encircle & Examine objects
  • Unlock Moves
  • Unlock Mystery & Multiplayer menus (also enables "The Main Event")
  • Memory address table

Addresses and Values[]

To edit a value, simply click a number, type in a new number and press Enter. You can also freeze a value by clicking the empty cell to the left of the address name.

Address Description Values

The map you are currently in. The value is changed as soon as a screen transition begins. To warp to your desired destination,
freeze the value or edit it during a fadeout.

full list

This address determines where you appear in a map. Just like the map value, the exit value is changed as soon as a screen
transition begins. To warp to the desired exit, freeze the value or edit it during a fadeout.

Destination Map

Whenever you are in a bonus game, character hut, or Troff 'n' Scoff room, this address connects the map to where you entered it. If
you edit the value and leave, chances are the game will crash.

full list
Destination Exit The spot where you will appear in the destination map.

Any background number corresponds to the background of a map.


The file that is overwritten when the game saves. If you switch to a different file by changing the value, the current Adventure flags
will be replaced by the flags of that file, but the Adventure numbers won't change.

0 - file 1
1 - file 2
2 - file 3
3 - temporary file


There are two mode addresses. If you change the value of the first one, you will disable screen transitions and essentially softlock
the game. To enter another mode, edit the second value during a fadeout.

0 - Nintendo Logo
1 - Nintendo & Rare Cutscene
2 - DK Rap
3 - DK TV
5 - Main Menu
6 - Adventure / Kong Battle
7 - Loading Game Over Cutscene
9 - Game Over
10 - End Sequence (Adventure)
11 - DK Theatre
12 - DK Bonus / Bosses
13 - Snide's Bonus Games
14 - End Sequence (DK Theatre)


Change this value to choose your character. The effect takes place instantly, but the character model is only changed after entering
a loading zone. 8 and 9 tend to crash the game as you move around.

0 - DK
1 - Diddy
2 - Lanky
3 - Tiny
4 - Chunky
5 - Krusha
6 - Rambi
7 - Enguarde
8 - Squawks
9 - Squawks

Health The current number of melon slices.
Camera Whenever this value is 1, it means a cutscene is playing.

0 - default (follows the kong)
1 - cutscene
2 - fixed camera
3 - DK Arcade
4 - Jetpac
6 - zipper


Every map has its own set of cutscenes. This value shows which cutscene is playing. To test cutscene values, freeze both the map
and cutscene addresses and start a DK Theatre scene. You may need to hack into Adventure mode and unfreeze the addresses to
see the full effect.

Intro Story Fadeout

The current Intro Story scene. This value only augments during a fadeout triggered by Intro Story. If you delay the fadeout by not
watching any cutscenes, it won't change. By changing the value, you can manipulate the time left until the next fadeout. With 6, you
can do whatever you want without getting pulled into Intro Story. After waiting through the first scene, you can trigger a fadeout
at any time during a cutscene by typing in 0 and pressing Enter.

6 - prevent fadeout
0 - trigger fadeout
full list

Speed (DK Isles)

Speed address that only works in the overworld map of DK Isles. If you enter another map and come back, it may cease to work.

Key 8 enabled

When you are in Hideout Helm, this address tells you if your camera angle makes the key count.

0 - fake key
1 - real key

Water Physics

Edit this value before entering Adventure mode or it won't take effect.

0 - swim above surface
8 - default

Play Time

The number of seconds spent in a file. This value only changes if you view or start a file (other values that count frames are used to
increase the play time and write it into the file). While in Adventure mode, you can change it and save the game in order to
manipulate the play time.

Simian Slam Every kong has their own Simian Slam level.

0 - none
1 - Simian Slam
2 - Super Simian Slam
3 - Super Duper Simian Slam

Weapon Every kong has their own weapon upgrades.

0 - nothing
1 - weapon
3 - weapon, homing ammo
7 - weapon, homing ammo, sniper
2 - homing ammo
6 - homing ammo, sniper

Instrument Every kong has their own instrument upgrades.

0 - nothing
1 - instrument
3 - instrument, 1 upgrade
7 - instrument, 2 upgrades
15 - instrument, 3 upgrades
2 - 1 upgrade
6 - 2 upgrades
14 - 3 upgrades

Ammo Belt The ammo belt every kong uses.

0 - default (50)
1 - Ammo Belt 1 (100)
2 - Ammo Belt 2 (200)

Melons The current number of melons.

1 - 1 melon
2 - 2 melons
3 - 3 melons

Coins The number of coins for one kong.

Golden bananas per kong/level. Values above 7 cannot be saved.


Colored bananas you haven't fed to Troff 'n' Scoff (per kong/level).


Colored bananas you have fed to Troff 'n' Scoff (per kong/level).

Screen Size From the options menu.

0 - Normal
1 - Widescreen

Story Skip From the options menu.

0 - Off
1 - On

Chimpy Cam From the options menu.

0 - Free
1 - Follow

Bosses The boss fight currently selected on the mystery menu.

7 - The Main Event (K. Rool)

Krusha & Cheats Activated mystery menu extras.

0 - nothing
1 - Krusha
254 - all cheats
255 - Krusha, all cheats

Cheats The cheat option currently selected on the mystery menu.

7 - Debug Pos

Pause Menu Totals

The item selected on the totals screen. 21 - Ice Key