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This category mainly involves getting 100 Golden Bananas and all keys.


  • No entering lobbies without gaining legitimate access (8 keys requirement)
  • No B.Locker skips (100 golden bananas requirement)
  • Must defeat K Rool
  • No Banana Duping
  • No cheats (via 20 Fairy Mystery Menu)

Resource Document (link)

  • All of the current useful routes
  • Useful Resources for New Runners

Helm Escape Route (Found in Resource Document)

  • Fastest No Levels Early route by a small amount
  • Uses Main Menu Mode the entire time
  • Currently N64 Only because of Orange Clip out of Helm
  • Orange clip to escape out of Hideout Helm (no orange clip = run dead)
  • Assumes you are comfortable with all the tricks required in the hardest 40 Blueprints route
  • Recommended to top-tier N64 runners

40 Blueprints Routes (Found in Resource Document)

  • Relatively Safe, only slightly slower compared to the Helm Escape route
  • Collects all 40 BPs to play Snide's bonus games, the only way to force the game back to Story Mode from Main Menu Mode
  • No orange escape out of Hideout Helm
  • Has 2 levels for both N64 and VC. The easier of the 2 cutting out some hard tricks in Caves that the harder route doesn't
  • Recommended for most runners who want to advance from the beginner route

Beginner Route (Found in Resource Document)

  • Cuts out all non-Beginner friendly tricks from the 40 Blueprints route
  • Slower than 40 Blueprints or Helm Escape, but far safer
  • Cuts out the most common softlocks

Funky Weapons Glitch Route (link)

  • Legacy route that's roughly 4 minutes slower than the Helm Escape route
  • Skips buying all of Lanky's moves as well as Simian Spring and Gorilla Gone
  • By far the hardest No Levels Early route due to not buying said moves
  • Not recommended for any runners

PAL Route (link)

  • Based on the 40 Blueprints US Route, cutting out inaccessible Golden Bananas due to patches
  • Not recommended for runners on a US Console (See regular 40 Blueprints Route)
  • Recommended for runners on a PAL Console