Donkey Kong 64 Wiki

This is a summary of how the game's save file system works.

File Selection[]

There is an integer permanently on the console memory that determines which file is selected for saving data:

  • 0 - file 1
  • 1 - file 2
  • 2 - file 3
  • 3 - unused file

Whenever you view or delete a file, the number is changed in order to select that file. Also, the data in a file is loaded into the memory as soon as you view it. The auto-save and pause save features only write data into the selected file.

File Data[]

The data of a file consists of two types: integers and flags. Integers are numbers, used to save certain items like colored bananas. Flags can only be 1 (true) or 0 (false) and determine whether or not an item was collected before or if a door has been opened etc.


  • play time
  • Golden Bananas per kong/level
  • colored bananas per kong/level
  • colored bananas given to Troff 'n' Scoff per kong/level
  • coins per kong
  • stuff from Cranky, Funky and Candy


  • cutscenes
  • training barrels
  • fairy camera and shockwave move
  • kongs
  • keys
  • item spawns (Golden Bananas, colored bananas, coins)
  • B. Lockers
  • warp pads
  • interactive items like switches
  • blocked passages (gates, ice walls, ...)
  • fairies
  • crowns
  • banana medals
  • Nintendo Coin
  • Rareware Coin
  • ...