Donkey Kong 64 Wiki

This trick allows you to walk with a skewed angle and pass through walls. It is done by being forced out of a body of water while looking up or down.

The game will not reset the kong's angle, so you will be able to walk around with a weirdly skewed posture. This is not only a visual effect, though. The kong's hitbox also changes and allows you to pass through perpendicular walls, depending on your angle. If you look far enough up (hold down) in the water, you will be able to walk through a lot of walls with ease.

If you enter a tag barrel, the effect will carry over to the kong you choose. However, any of the following actions will reset your angle:

  • Doing a regular jump (jumping while rolling with DK, cartwheeling with Diddy, carrying a gun or holding an object does not count as such)
  • Entering a body of water
  • Playing your instrument
  • Entering a loading zone

Damage Method[]

Essentially, you will want to be hit while swimming. Find a body of water with a source of damage within touching distance and get into the part of it that is out of bounds, for instance by swimming through a wall or a shore. You can swim above a ground that is lower than the surface, which conveniently extends wherever you swim. Before you get hit, hold up or down on the joystick to make sure you get a decent skew. If the source of damage is above you, you can just hold down for a few seconds and then swim straight into it.

As soon as you get hit, the kong will be forced out of the diving animation and land on the ground.

Gun Method[]

First you need to carry your gun underwater. There are two ways to achieve this:

  • Pull out your gun. Slide down a ledge that drops into water while holding Z. Press C-up just before you hit the surface. (If you do it with Lanky or Tiny, you can alternately just walk off the ledge if the fall distance is very short.)
  • Get out of bounds near a body of water and make sure the out of bounds height is below the water surface. Pull out your gun and walk into the water.

While holding the gun underwater, do STS or STW if you're still in bounds and swim out of the water into mid-air. While underneath the fake water surface, hold up or down on the joystick to get a decent angle. Press C-up twice and you will instantly fall down to the ground. Depending on where you land, you will be able to enter other areas.