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In Jungle Japes, there is a rainbow coin in front of Lanky's cave. Normally you need to get Orangstand to walk up the slope next to it, but you can climb the nearby tree with DK and kickjump to the dirt patch. There are two methods to get there.

Tree Jump without lag[]

Walk towards the slope and do a kick right before you would start sliding off the leaf. When you fall down to the height where the dirt patch is located, jump and hold A. Finally, do an aerial attack to overshoot the slope.

This method requires a decent amount of practice and whether you make it or land on the slope mostly depends on your kickoff spot and the direction you were going.

Tree Jump with lag[]

When you're standing on the tree, get a laggy camera angle (get a huge part of the main area onto the screen). Do a simple kickjump to the dirt patch and you'll easily get there. You don't even need to worry about where you kick off or jump because the lag makes you move a lot faster in relation to the framerate.

The problem with this method is obviously that it takes a few seconds longer. Also, you will find that it's a lot harder to even collect the coin and the camera does not go into the fixed mode like it does with the other method. If you try to kick off the slope before Squawks explains rainbow coins to you, the camera will flip around and make it harder to land on the slope during the cutscene.

Backup Strategy[]

If you fail the tree jump and land on the ground, there's a faster way than getting on the tree again do try it again. Run towards the slope, kick, jump and do an aerial attack just before you touch the slope. DK will float in mid-air for a split-second and you can do another jump out of that if you're fast enough. Finally, add in another aerial attack and you should be past the slope.